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Job Title:              Education Director

Supervisor:           Provincial Director

Job Description

Coordinates the educational program of CEF within Manitoba, supervising the training of workers to carry out the ministries and programs of Child Evangelism Fellowship. Works in coordination with the provincial director and other staff. Oversee CEF children’s programs throughout Manitoba. Through this position, she/he will actively participate in evangelizing and discipling children through CEF ministries.



  • Demonstrates a balanced approach to Christian living in a daily walk with God, family, local church and ministry.
  • Prays for the ministry and specifically the educational aspects of the ministry.


  • Is responsible for teacher training materials and their implementation for Discovery Time teachers.
  • Plans programming for training sessions.
  • Meet with and train teachers.
  • Works with the Club Director in planning and teaching (along with other staff) CYIA (Christian Youth In Action) Training classes.
  • Conducts teacher training for churches as requested.
  • Is responsible for preparation of teaching aids to be used with CEF Press materials.


  • Promotes Ministry Program and recruits’ volunteers/coordinators.
  • Administers the Discovery Time Program in public elementary schools.
  • Network with ministries and churches to expand CEF programs.
  • Is prepared to advice on CEF Press curriculum and materials.
  • Attend CEF Manitoba meetings.
  • Contact ministry supporters.
  • Work on advertising.
  • Gather statistical information.
  • Develop and implement curriculum/program


  • Promotes CEF wherever possible.
  • Performs other educational duties as assigned by the provincial director.
  • May need to perform other office duties as assigned by the provincial director.
  • Assist and teach at gospel tent ministries at fair sites.
  • As needed, teach Discovery Time classes.
  • Raises personal support.


  • Has a history of proven organizational leadership experience and management skills.
  • Demonstrates a desire to continue personal development training and upgrading of skills.
  • Has a history of passion and involvement in vital children’s ministries.
  • Has graduated from the Children’s Ministries Institute or will within two years.
  • Has proven ability to manage and direct staff in a positive, progressive environment.
  • Has a capacity to communicate and facilitate implementation of the educational program in Manitoba.
  • Fundraising experience will be helpful and needed (training available)
  • Is a team builder and a servant leader.
  • Willing to work under authority.
  • Able to keep confidences.

If you are interested in this position, please fill out the CEF Staff Application.