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The position of Nunavut Ministries is responsible for initializing and running CEF ministry in Nunavut.

Job Title:                                 Nunavut Ministries Director

Immediate Supervisor:           Provincial Director

Job Summary

The Nunavut Ministries Director should have a vision of reaching the children of Nunavut with the gospel of Jesus Christ. S/he will assist the provincial director of Manitoba while operating within the provisions of by-laws, policies, and vision statement.  The person who holds this position must facilitate the evangelization and discipleship of children in Nunavut. Evangelism is the presenting of the Gospel in a way that is understandable to the child and includes an opportunity to respond. Discipleship is teaching which brings a believing child from immaturity in their spiritual walk to that of one who is coming into conformity with the image of Christ.

Main duties

 As a Nunavut Ministries Director, S/he will perform these duties under Provincial Director.


  • Build relationships with people, connecting with churches and believers to start CEF ministries in local neighbourhoods
  • Recruit, train and equip volunteers for ministry to children
  • Work with CEF Manitoba to begin 5-Day Clubs, Christian Youth in Action, Good News Clubs and Party Clubs

 Other Duties/ Projects assigned by Provincial Director.

Employment requirements

  • Required Certificate from Children Ministry Institute (CMI).

Lifestyle Agreement Policy

Our lives are a reflection of the Lord and we are committed to upholding biblical standards in all areas of faith and practice including morality, ethics and in all relationships.  These standards help us protect the integrity and witness of the organization and the reputation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

CEF Child Protection Rules For This Position

 It is highly recommended that two approved CEF workers, either paid or volunteer, be present at any CEF activity in a public facility. In a private residence, two approved CEF workers, either paid or volunteer, must be present.

All rooms used by adults and minors together must be accessible and have open visibility. This could be satisfied by an open door or a window in the door.

a.   When teachers relate to a child on a one-to-one basis, it should always be in plain view.

b.   If it is necessary that someone assist a child in the washroom, it is highly recommended that it not be a male worker.

Children should not be left unsupervised while attending a CEF activity.

A CEF staff worker, paid or volunteer, should make random visits of CEF sponsored activities.

Physical contact with children should be age-level appropriate, and always with the agreement of the child. Sensitivity must be exercised for differences in sexual development, cultural variance, family background, individual personality, and special needs. The following guidelines are offered in physical contact with children:

a.   Hugs: Side hugs are acceptable, but should not occur when the worker is alone with the child. Avoid initiating full contact, body-to-body hugs or kisses.

b.   No Lap sitting

c.    Casual touch: Gentle contact during activities may be made on a child’s head, shoulders, arms, hands or back. Never give back-rubs.

d.   Discipline: Consideration must be given to a child’s dignity and vulnerability in exercising discipline. Actions and words must be guided by gentleness, respect, and understanding. Discipline will be carried out through instruction and correction. No physical punishment of any kind will be used.

If a club member discloses information to you regarding any kind of abuse or neglect, you must divulge this information to the church or the Child Protection Unit. However, be careful not to reveal this confidence to any other person.

If you are interested in this position, please fill out the CEF Staff Application.