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LYLS (Let Your Light Shine Campaign)


 “You are the light of the World. In the same way, let your light shine before others; that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” – Matthew 5:14 & 16

"OK Tire would like to congratulate CEF on 80 years of impacting children's lives in a positive and meaningful way"
-Chris Hudson - Owner


The Need:

Did you know that if a person is presented with the Gospel message before the age of 14, they are 80% more likely to trust Jesus as their Savior*? There are 243,000 children aged 0 – 14 currently living in Manitoba. At Child Evangelism Fellowship, 33 percent of all children presented with the Gospel believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior.


For 80 years, CEF of Manitoba and its family of staff, volunteers, and prayer and financial ministry partners, have been reaching thousands upon thousands of children through various programs we offer all year long. 


Our Goal:


Child Evangelism Fellowship of Manitoba is committed to sharing the message of salvation with the boys and girls, discipling them in the Word of God, and establishing them in a local church whenever possible. In order to reach the 243,000 children in our area, we have established as our priorities the 5-Day Clubs®, Discovery TIme (School Ministry), and the Mailbox Club ministries. These three priorities plus the current ministry outreaches are key to helping 6,500 children hear the Gospel this year and lay the foundation for 7,780 children to be reached with the Gospel in just three years.


To achieve this goal, we already know that it will take about 615 volunteers and an additional 2 ministry workers. This task is large, but we serve a powerful God. John Edmund Haggai said, "Attempt something so great, it's doomed to failure unless God be in it."


God has shared with us in Matthew 18:14, "Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." We know it is God's will and we also know the task is larger than we can accomplish alone.


Our Plan:


The plan to reach 6,500 children in 2018 will begin by presenting the opportunity and securing the volunteers and teachers needed. Training will be conducted throughout the year to train the teachers for each of the outreach ministries. These teachers would then be active in reaching 5,800 children in our priority ministry areas and 700 children in our current outreach areas. Together, we believe 6,500 children can be reached. Since our current budget is $230,000, an additional $41,200 will be needed during the first year to cover the additional ministry and personnel expenses.



Our Needs:


Reaching 7,780 children in three years will take a team working together. It will require volunteers, teacher trainers, and donors. In order to accomplish this task, we estimate that it will require $271,200 in 2018, $273,800 in 2019, and $305,900 in 2020.



Ways to sponsor:


1) Give a kind charitable donation to the LYLS Campaign today! donate here

       *Be sure to leave a donor designation: LYLS


2) Sponsor a banquet/event by purchasing sponsorship packages (Gold - $3000, Silver - $1000 - $2999 and Bronze - $200 - $999) Call the office for how to purchase sponsorship (204.663.3300)


Thank you for your partnership with CEF of Manitoba in taking the Gospel to the children, right where they are at.

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