Since 1971, Child Evangelism Fellowship has been conducting Discovery Time classes in a growing number of elementary schools in Manitoba for grades K-8 children.

Using Bible-based materials, we teach and apply God’s Word in a simple and interesting way. CEF also strives to share the Way of Salvation with each boy and girl, giving them an opportunity to become a part of God’s Family.

Manitoba School Act

Petition for Instruction in Religion

80(2) If a petition requesting that religious instruction be given in a school is presented to the School Board and is signed by:

  1. 1.(a)the parents or guardians of at least 10 children attending the school having one or two classrooms; or

  2. 2.(b)the parents or guardians of at least 25 children attending the school having three or more classroom;

the School Board shall pass a by-law authorizing instruction in religion in compliance with the petition.

CEF will:

  • Assist parents who wish to have Discovery Time in their local school by providing a needed petition, and working with school officials.

  • Give regular teacher training.

  • Provide teaching materials to volunteer teachers.

Discovery Time Sessions 2018:

Coordinators Meetings: Winnipeg Aug 30; Steinbach Aug 29

DT Orientation: Winnipeg Sep 20; Steinbach Sep 19

DT Training: Winnipeg Sep 22; Steinbach Sep 25; Grunthal Sep 27


If you are interested in having Discovery Time in a school in your neighbourhood, teaching a Discovery Time class, or just want some more information about the program, please contact us at:


Laura Lawrence

Discovery Time Director

CEF Manitoba

179 Henderson Hwy

Winnipeg MB

R2L 1L5