IBK Akin – Provincial Director

IBK is the Provincial Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Manitoba and Nunavut Ministries. He has extensive experience in ministry especially with the Power to Change Ministries and other youth ministries. He has been to several countries in Asia as an international missionary and he is a member of the Whyte Ridge Baptist Church. Ibukun is a graduate from the University of Manitoba and the Children’s Ministry Institute in Warrenton, Missouri.



Lyn Redekopp – Office Administrator

Lyn Redekopp is originally from the Philippines. Lyn has a fantastic memory for names and faces. She is a gifted worker with a cheerful and generous spirit. She keeps the office running smoothly. Lyn is the first friendly face you see when you walk into the office and the ever cheerful voice over the phone. She enjoys adventure, quality time activities and sharing her gift of cooking. Lyn is a valuable part of the CEF of Manitoba team.



Laura Lawrence – Discovery Time Director

Laura has a BIG heart and plenty of passion for the children in Manitoba to hear the Gospel. She also has a spiritual gift of caring for all her volunteer Discovery Time teachers and coordinators. Laura helps the Discovery Time program by finding and organzing the coordinators and teachers/volunteers needed. She does a lot to help get the Discovery Time Program into the schools that get approved across the province of Manitoba. If you want a Discovery Time Program in the schools in your area, you should talk to Laura. Laura is also natural at casting vision. Laura and her husband Dale and their three children live in Warren Manitoba. Laura loves cheesecake.



Michelle Berg – Clubs Ministry Director

Michelle is our 5-Day Club Director. Michelle started in our office on October 1, 2014. Michelle worked with CEF MB as a Summer Missionary in the summer of 2014 before she joined staff. Michelle does excellent work helping to expand the 5-Day Club Ministry across the province and also recruiting the CYIA (Christain Youth In Action) volunteers for the summer program. Michelle is a hard worker on so many levels. She lives in New Bothwell, MB. Michelle likes watermelon!



Tori Boulton – Graphics Coordinator

Tori recently graduated with a Bachelor’s of Applied Arts in Visual Communications. This is the first step in her professional design career and she’s excited to use her powers for good with CEF MB. Tori is also passionate about learning and strives to educate others about CEF ministries through her designs and advertisements. Other things she likes learning about are space travel, ethnic cuisine, and what kinds of puns earn the most groans.