What is a Good News Club?

A Good News Club is a regular meeting of children where a CEF-approved Bible lesson and memory verse are taught and children have an opportunity to receive Christ. It is primarily an outreach to unchurched and/or unreached children and is taught on an interdenominational basis by a teacher who is in agreement with the CEF Statement of Faith.

The Good News Clubs target boys and girls ages 5 through 12.

Good News Clubs normally meet weekly in the neighbourhood where children live, and often in the friendly atmosphere of a home. They may also meet in schools, community centers, apartment common rooms, etc. Good News Clubs serve as links between the church and the child’s home, bringing the good news right to where the child lives.

Who teaches a Good News Club?? Maybe you!

If you are a Christian who is concerned for boys and girls and are willing to volunteer your time and energy then you can teach in a Good News Club!

Training is available through CEF of MB workers, and we will help you to make the club as exciting and informative as possible.

All teachers are asked to sign the CEF Statement of Commitment annually, agreeing to abide by the policies of the organization. Teachers avoid any denominational distinctive in their teaching.


Teaching a Good News Club brings you into partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship. This partnership works as follows:

The Good News Club Teacher:

  • Agrees with CEF Statement of Faith

  • Abides by the policies of CEF

  • Teaches prescribed materials

  • Reports regularly to CEF

Child Evangelism Fellowship:

  • Supplies teachers with free help for clubs, such as attendance register, posters and invitations

  • Provides teaching resources (including Bible lessons, tracts and songs) at a discounted price

  • Offers teacher training

  • Is available for consultation

For more information about hosting or teaching a Good News Club in your area, contact us at:


CEF Manitoba

179 Henderson Hwy

Winnipeg MB

R2L 1L5