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Amazing Race CYIA Fundraiser


In 2018 the Canadian Government added an attestation to the Canada Summer Jobs Grants and that affected a lot of Christian Organizations and Churches across Canada, including Child Evangelism Fellowship of Manitoba. We did not receive any government grants last summer and we took a financial hit as a result. In an effort to make up for the lost funding, CEF MB hosted a peer-to-peer fundraising event called Amazing Race CYIA.

Plans for 2019

The Amazing Race CYIA was a hit and we decided to host it again in 2019 with a new focus! We are partnering with Over 18 to protect Canadian children from easily accessing pornography online. Our goal is to raise $30,000 through our Amazing Race CYIA fundraiser in 2019.   CEFM
While we firmly believe that God can and will provide, it is through His people that He uses that the provision will be coming. We have also been challenged through the verse Isaiah 60:5: “The wealth of the seas will be brought to you, the riches of the nations (Gentiles) will come.” So really, God will use anyone to do His will.

You can:


You are invited to sponsor the Amazing Race CYIA which will help us cover the cost of putting on the event. If the sponsorship is from a business, we will advertise your business on our websites, social media pages and at our events. Please contact IBK at iakin@cefmanitoba.org or 204-663-3300 for more information.


You can also give towards the support of a summer missionary or constituency in Manitoba by giving a tax-receiptable gift on our Manitoba Missionary website.

Donate Prizes

Everyone knows that a race must have prizes! Donate prizes for any of our winning teams (1st, 2nd or 3rd) or for the participants and volunteers. Please contact IBK at iakin@cefmanitoba.org or 204-663-3300 for more information on the types of prizes we are looking for.

Our Generous Sponsors