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Nunavut Ministry

Do you have a passion for sharing God’s Good News? Do you enjoy meeting new people and sharing your passion with them? We are looking for someone like you to spearhead CEF ministry in Nunavut!

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College Internship

Are you required to do an internship to complete your schooling? Bring your knowledge and gifts and put them to use gaining valuable work experience and receiving college credit while helping CEF impact children across the province with Christ’s love.

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Summer Internship

Are you a Post-Secondary Student interested in gaining some office experience? We are looking for a few interns to assist with preparing for our summer 5-Day Club ministry during May and June. From there, you would join our Christian Youth in Action ministry getting some on field experience teaching 5-Day Clubs during July and August.

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Gospel Tent Coordinator

Join the volunteer team and share the Gospel with children at Fairs and Festivals! Typically we have participated at 6 events throughout the summer, but we are always looking to reach more children.

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Ministry Advocate

Do you love meeting new people? Why not do what you love and join the CEF Manitoba team? Be the voice and face of the ministry, sharing the many opportunities people have to get on board to minister to the children in their local community.

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Volunteer Representative

CEF Manitoba is a ministry that is blessed with many volunteers! Our desire is to show them how much we appreciate them. Be CEF Manitoba’s Volunteer Representative to encourage and bless our volunteers.

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